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CogX Global Leadership Award

CogX Outstanding Knowledge Expert

Enterprise CXO Leader of the Year Award

Grand Jury Prize

Lifetime Achievement Award

Outstanding Diversity Leader in AI

Outstanding Investor in AI

Rising Star in Tech

Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership Award

Voice of Gen Z

Recognising Leadership Winners

General Intelligence

Genetics / Personalised Medicine

Geospatial Applications

IoT & Sensors

Open Source Technology


Quantum Computing

Robotics & Automation


Algorithmic Bias Mitigation

Computer Vision

Consumer Chatbot

Data Protection and Privacy

Deep Learning

Best Innovation Winners





Marketing & Adtech

Next Generation Infrastructure


Robotics & Automation


Transportation & Logistics

Best AI Product Winners

Global Goals Impact Award: Enterprise

Global Goals Impact Award: Startup

Good Health and Well-Being Award

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award

Global Goals Winners

AI Accelerator/ Incubator

Best Course In AI

Enterprise Adoption of AI

PhD Thesis (individual)

Social Good

Tech Regulation

Outstanding Achievements & Research

Climate Justice

Tech for Nature

Best Climate Innovation

Startup Programme

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