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AI Accelerator/ Incubator

Accelerator and incubator programmes ensure the tech community is constantly developing new capabilities and finding new solutions to the most pressing business and societal challenges. Here, we spotlight the accelerator or incubator that has demonstrated the best programme for its cohorts.

AI Ethics

Understanding the ethical risks of AI and taking action to preserve our human values in an ever changing technological setting is one of the most important challenges facing society. With this award, we recognise the work of a company or individual that continues to lead this effort and inspires constructive dialogue on how to approach our future in an artificially intelligent world.

Best Course In AI

Now that AI is playing an increasingly vital role in every sector of industry, technical expertise is in high demand. Especially for the younger population, these skills become crucial. This award highlights the best tutorial or course in AI that targets this rapidly expanding need.

Enterprise Adoption of AI

This award recognises an enterprise that has shown exemplary commitment to, and successful deployment of, AI integration into its operations.

Journalism (individual)

The role journalists play in combatting fake news and partial reporting is crucial. This award honours an AI/ tech journalist for their outstanding contributions to the media.

PhD Thesis (individual)

Dissertations at the doctoral level represent some of the brightest and best ideas in the field of AI. They represent the frontier of the field, and are testaments to years of hard work and dedicated focus. This award represents the best of the best of PhD dissertations, taking into account quality, ingenuity, rigour and impact.

Social Good

We strongly believe that tech should and must work for everyone. The applications of AI in breaking the poverty cycle and raising communities in developing nations are vast. This award celebrates the outstanding efforts of one company in using AI tools to support global development.

Tech Regulation

2021 is shaping up to be a landmark year for tech regulation. This award recognises the efforts of an organisation or individual that celebrates the mindful and fair implementation of technology through tireless campaigning.

Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions Awards
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