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CogX Global Leadership Award

This award recognises the individual who has driven tremendous positive impact at a global scale through the adoption, creation or regulation of tech. As the central theme of the CogX festival is “How do we get the next 10 years right?” this award goes to the the individual contributing the most to ensuring we are getting the next 10 years right.

CogX Outstanding Knowledge Expert

In times like these, we look to experts for guidance. Be it in business, government or medicine, these are the people that lay the foundations of society’s trust in our institutions. With this award, we highlight an individual who has contributed the most to CognitionX’s Knowledge Platform with outstanding knowledge in their subject area and the number of questions answered.

Enterprise CXO Leader of the Year Award

Enterprise leaders carry a great responsibility to shape a company’s social values, ethical consciousness and profitability for the sake of both its customers and employees. With this award, we want to recognise the outstanding leadership of CEOs/CTOs/CDOs/CIOs/ CHROs in driving development across various fields of finance, technology, business development, human resources and information technology.

Gender Equality Leader

Great strides have been made to address gender diversity in tech and business. In this category, we highlight one company that embraces female empowerment in all domains of life, acting as an example to the tech industry and paving the way towards full equality. The real-life applicability of AI requires the inclusion of the female perspective, which has been under-represented for far too long. With this award, we hope to inspire other thought and tech leaders of today to champion gender equality.

Grand Jury Prize

This award recognises the best of the best.

Lifetime Achievement Award

To develop technology that truly works for everyone, we must confront the continuing racial bias in our human societies. This award recognises tremendous help towards overcoming biases and making fairer decisions thereby building a more inclusive environment.

Outstanding Diversity Leader in AI

This award celebrates the contributions of a key player in the tech field, who has shown sustained commitment to responsible and cutting edge innovation, as well as mentorship and leadership within the community. They have distinguished themselves through their outstanding research calibre and a lifetime of scientific excellence, making magnificent contributions to the world of AI.

Outstanding Investor

Great innovators need great supporters. This award recognises an outstanding investor in AI who has been a leader in identifying and investing in disruptive technology.

Outstanding Leader in Accessibility

In working towards a more inclusive society, rapid advances in AI must address the need for accessibility. Designing tech that empowers disabled people and opens new opportunities for life in a complex digital world is essential to the vision of inclusivity. This award honours a company that works to make accessibility not the exception but the standard for future AI products.

Rising Star in Tech

To the starter company that has the potential to disrupt any billion dollar industry by coming up with groundbreaking technologies and reaching out to customers effectively.

Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership Award

Never before has the need for sustainable innovation been greater. We are faced with a situation that is threatening not merely our health, prosperity and ecological diversity, but our very survival as a species. What we need now is responsible and immediate leadership that will help galvanize the power of modern-day technology to solve this existential problem.

Voice of Gen Z

As GenZ grows up with technology integrated into every aspect of their daily life it is key that they take part in the developments and conversations around the implications of breakthrough technology. This award recognises a GenZ-er who is a powerful voice within the tech community and is ensuring that technology is built and deployed with GenZ in mind.

Recognising Leadership Awards
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