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Global Goals Impact Award: Enterprise

Enterprise leaders carry a great responsibility to shape a company’s social values, ethical consciousness and profitability for the sake of both its customers and employees. With this award, we want to recognise the outstanding leadership of CEOs/CTOs/CDOs/CIOs/ CHROs in driving development across various fields of finance, technology, business development, human resources, information technology.

Global Goals Impact Award: Individual

This award recognises the individual who has driven tremendous positive impact at a global scale through the adoption, creation or regulation of tech. As the central theme of the CogX festival is “How do we get the next 10 years right?” this award goes to the the individual contributing the most to ensuring we are getting the next 10 years right.

Global Goals Impact Award: Startup

This award recognises a start up that has adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as their framework to help measure their impact on society. This has led them to make decisive advances leading to sustainable development.

Good Health and Well-Being Award

As the capabilities of technology are increasing, so is its ability to provide emotional support. Harnessing the digital solutions of today to empower the sector of mental health is an initiative we champion, and seek to recognise through this award.

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions Award

This award celebrates the contributions of a key player in the tech field who has shown sustained commitment to responsible and cutting edge innovation, as well as mentorship and leadership within the community. They have distinguished themselves through their outstanding research calibre and a lifetime of scientific excellence, making magnificent contributions to the world of AI.

Global Goals Awards
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