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The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing. New threats emerge with every technological innovation posing huge challenges for organisations trying to keep up. This award recognises companies that are making strides within the security field and successfully navigating this complex area.


COVID-19 has transformed the delivery of education. This award recognises the best product in EdTech that fuels collaboration, individualised learning, access to education and provides support outside of the traditional classroom.


Entertainment has the power to transport us to new worlds such as the unchartered territories of technological innovation. With this award, we wish to celebrate the best product in entertainment, ranging across sport, music, art and film.

FS / Fintech

Recognising the best product in finance including but not limited to the use of marketing databases, transactional and public information records to extract data; quicker decision making; detecting fraud; informing cardholders about special offers; or providing investors with online business trends analysis.


AI and emerging tech are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. This award celebrates the best tech product for the fashion industry, recognising the best product that helps consumers by using personalisation and recommendation tools or improves supply chain and accountability.


This award celebrates the best product from the world of consumer gaming. This could include breakthroughs in visual quality, bot features or intelligent design.


Recognising the best govtech product that improves public interaction with government through virtual assistants, redesigning public sector work by reducing cost, enhancing speed and reach, or focusing more resources on frontline services.


Recognising the best product in HR that helps with talent acquisition, engagement with candidates, personal training recommendations and career paths, unbiased recruitment and more.


When AI is applied to medical care and research, lives are changed. This award goes to a product that is harnessing AI-backed solutions to take on new challenges within the health sector such as improving diagnostics, delivery and personalisation.


Recognising the best product in insurance from behavioural policy pricing, personalised data provision to pricing platforms like health and travel insurance, automated buying experience using chatbots or decreasing likelihood of fraud in claim settlements.


The legal system is fast adopting AI products and services into its operating models. This award recognises the best AI-backed product for the legal sector, with particular focus on those deployed to solve a problem that is unique to legal professionals such as natural language processing or delivering concrete answer sets with links to authoritative court decisions and sources

Marketing and Adtech

Targeting any audience in today’s society requires the harnessing of technology in new and innovative ways. With this award, we are highlighting the leadership exhibited by one company that continues to redefine the future of MarTech.

Best AI Product Awards
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