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Algorithmic Bias Mitigation

The impacts of algorithmic bias are profound, and there is an urgent need to address this issue. This award recognises an organisation or individual working to mitigate machine bias, through advocacy efforts or research innovation.

Autonomous Mobility

Mobility is one of the most rapidly advancing industries of our time. As automation is empowering our vehicles, we wish to celebrate one company’s exceptional use of tech in advancing this sector and enabling us to reach entirely new levels of mobile flexibility.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is quickly embedding itself in our devices, apps and vehicles. This award recognises the best innovation involved in any component of computer vision including acquisition, processing or analysing images. Further examples include face recognition technology for bank card verification and security systems, facial scanning door entry, infrared binoculars scanning machines and empowering blind and partially sighted people lead their lives.

Consumer Chatbot

This award recognises a company using the best chatbots to enhance customer experience.

Creative Arts

Arts and technology seem to serve two very different purposes in our society, but what binds them together is the fundamental creativity of these fields. Through our award, we recognise a champion of this collaboration and a leader in the domain of creative arts.

Data Protection and Privacy

As the ubiquitousness and capabilities of technology are rapidly increasing, so is the risk of abusive and fraudulent activity when this technology is misused. With this award, we want to highlight the efforts of a company that champions online safety and helps set a security standard across the industry.

Deep Learning

2021 was a landmark year for deep learning. This award recognises the organisation or individual that has demonstrated the best innovation in deep learning approaches.


Improved diagnostic tools can help save lives and prevent the spread of diseases that previously might not have been known to us. We wish to recognise the implementation of tech diagnostics by a company that foregrounds the importance of this field and works to harness its life-saving potential.

Explainable AI

With technological innovation impacting every facet of our daily lives, algorithmic transparency is essential. The industry needs to recognise and reward companies that champion this trait in their work. This award aims to do just this, and hereby inspire others to uphold transparency.

General Intelligence

Whether you find it elusive, enticing, or unsettling, the race towards AGI is on. This award recognises the best innovation pushing the boundaries of generalisable AI, including facial recognition, mimic human handwriting and computational creativity.

Genetics / Personalised Medicine

The human genome still presents one of the biggest mysteries in medicine. To break down this molecular puzzle into pieces we can understand, we leverage the technological opportunities of our time. This award celebrates one such achievement and the potential for groundbreaking new knowledge it creates.

Geospatial Applications

The way we are able to see our world has a huge impact on how we can shape it for the better. Cutting edge technology allows us an astounding variety of perspectives with which to view our planet. Through more accurate data collection and analysis, these tools can help us understand the geography of a landscape better than ever before. This award highlights the best innovation in geospatial applications.

Best Innovation Awards
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