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Celebrating founders pursuing commercial opportunities predicated on science and technology innovations that improve human health and wellness.


Awarded to startups developing solutions to climate challenges and helping to preserve and protect our planet.


Awarded to the outstanding startup pursuing opportunities predicated around technologies underpinned by, or core to the advancement of, artificial intelligence or machine learning.

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This will be awarded to the startup using digital and online solutions to democratise the finance industry.


In recognition of the startup leveraging blockchain technologies looking to build fairer business models and explore new ways of governing communities and organisations.


Awarded to the startup with the most innovative and disruptive software solutions to businesses.


Celebrating the startup best harnassing the potential of cutting-edge research.

Startup Programme Awards

Award Categories

Recognising inspiring leaders for their exemplary guidance, vision and the positive impact on individuals, organisations and their communities.

Recognising Leadership

Recognising the best in cutting edge innovation and the groundbreaking transformation leading us into the future and how we approach an artificially intelligent world.

Best Innovation

Recognising products and people who bring AI to life and by shaping our future will revolutionise our approach to real world problems.

Best AI Product

Recognising an incredible commitment to democratising the adoption, creation or regulation of tech at a global scale.

Global Goals

Recognising those who have contributed their services with a passion and commitment to knowledge, society, culture, or innovation.

Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions

Recognising industry pioneers developing clean and sustainable technologies that provide immediate and practical solutions to climate change.

Best Climate Change Innovation

Our Startup Awards celebrate the best and most innovate Startups and founders making an impact in the world today. (Only open to Startup Programme members)

Startup Programme Awards
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